[VIDEO]Branman “Housewife” ft C-Brooks|@Iam_BranMan

Platinum Hip Hop presents BranMan and his latest single, “Housewife.”

Involved in music since the age of 11, BranMan, born Brandon Hunter of Toledo, Oh was originally a member of a childhood rap group called CG, which later developed into a 3 member group called Partners in Currency (PNC). After 10 years of being a group, the members collectively decided to seek solo careers. In 2008, Brandon decided to immerse himself in his solo career and explore a variety of aspects of the music industry. He found his niche with a mix of Hip Hop and R&B, with a style similar to Drake and Trey Songs that include the ability to lay tracks that express both his lyrical and vocal talent. Listen to “Housewife” and see how Branman learns the hard way the consequences of trying to turn a once promiscuous woman into wifey material.

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