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Bringing East Coast flavor to the dirty South, Rich Ryan and 2G Music Group shut down Atlanta this year at A3C 2017 during the NYC Meets A3C Showcase featuring independent artists performing from across the country.

2G Music Group
Rappers Kwoat & Hookz Murdock

New York City bravado poured through the doors of The Music Room as the rain beat the ATL streets on October 8th. Artists moved in swiftly; filling the bar with requests, tables with merchandise and the room with networking. Host Bino McLaughlin kept the party and the laughter going all night long as act after act graced the stage.

2G Music Group’s own Hookz Murdock killed the stage during the event; showcasing his diverse lyricism and style in the heart of Atlanta. Kota The Friend wowed the audience with his high-strung, intense performance infused with crowd interaction.

2G Music Goup
St. Lous emcee Bates and vocalist Kourtney Nicole

St. Louis femcee Bates dazzled as she performed tracks from her August 2017 album Strange Woman and spread a little Midwest sauce among the crowd. Other notable performance included East Coast newcomer Kwoat, AC, Microfiend and Gawd Life. 

2G Music Group
Kota The Friend

One of the first Atlanta showcases for the New York-based music company, 2G Music Group shinned in the south and set a standard for other northern brands bringing their city to the Athens of the South.

Click here to check out the official recap video from 2G Music Group Presents NYC Meets A3C.

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