East Coast Duo, 2PROBLEMZ release their latest project, “TIME I$ MONEY BEA$TMIXX”



There are two sides of a problem and they go by the names, Banga and F.L.Y. who are the dynamic duo of 2Problemz.  ‘TIME I$ MONEY BEA$TMIXX’ is the latest project and it is an enjoyable listen. The tracks are infused with that “East Coast” lyricism and NYC grit. Make sure to add this to your music arsenal immediately. while you’re vibin’ to these guys, read how the name of the group came to be.


Problem 1 – Banga, aka 2*$ide, born and raised in New York City grew up listening to hardcore hip-hop in the early 90s. He was heavily influenced and amazed by the passion he had seen in other artists. In his teenage years, music impressed him so much- he began writing. He would write every time he was put on punishment by his mother which helped him understand the business.

Growing up fatherless was hard in Banga’s young life because of certain things he had to do for their family for survival. Seeing his family slowly die from the high price lifestyle gave him the motivation to go out and chase his dreams by any means necessary. Banga got his ways of lyrically putting his words together and his state of mind from the streets of NYC.  As a kid, he only knew ’ Born Alone Die Alone‘.

Problem 2 – F.L.Y. was born in Manhattan, NY, yet raised in Miami, FL. He was destined to be an artist and grew up watching his Father perform on TV with his Spanish music band.  This is where he quickly learned that he was talented just like his Father. At the age of 14, he discovered when his Cousin Banga, aka 2Side, moved down from NY that they have a lot in common. They began freestyling together and soon became a problematic duo. FLY grew a passion for rapping and dedicated himself to becoming the next big thing in the industry.

At the age of 17, F.L.Y moved out on his own to chase his dreams. He struggled to eat and made just enough money to maintain himself. Together with his cousin, they turned to the streets making them stronger and more determined than ever to become successful. Making them the hungry beast that you see today known as 2*Problemz.

All in all, The struggle is real out there in them streets and it made them the hungry beasts that you see today. Without further adieu, welcome to the world of  2*Problemz.



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