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DC-based rap-rock group. We Are 8-track releases latest single, “Child’s Play”


The recently formed group, 8 Track drops off the first single “Child’s Play” from their forthcoming album Rewind. The playful single is produced and arranged by group members J.Rob and Recinotes with Darius and Jake on vocals. “Child’s Play” is an introspection on the contradictions of adulting and discovering triumph in everyday struggles.

8 Track is a DC-based rap-rock group that fuses hip hop with jazz, rock, and blues. Their genre and era-bending sound borrow influences from their travels, both cross-country and through time. 8 Track is composed of four members: Jake and Darius provide lead rock and rap vocals respectively, yet surprisingly interchangeably, along with songwriting.

Lead vocalist Darius’ verses are based on his experience in the first year of fatherhood: a 21-year-old college student working a dead end job, trying to provide for a baby and girlfriend going through cancer and treatments, while dealing with outside influences of friends who have taken on other means of making money – whether it be drug dealing or robbery.

Recinotes creates sonic arrangements with a unique ability to incorporate obscure and esoteric sounds. J.Rob brings infectious production, driven by heavy basslines yet still crisp and distinctive. Together, the group melds classic roots with present themes and future vibes


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