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Philly native, ABwonderZ releases single, “Hunger” featuring Liberian artist, GAB


Born in Liberia, but raised in Philadelphia, PA, Alvin Bedell, known as ABwonderZ, is an edgy conscious rap artist. His musical style is edgy, hardcore, and gritty- which is reminiscent of the 90’s MCs such as; Nas, Jay-Z, and Outkast. An oxymoron of AB’s soft positive message can be heard on his latest single,“Hunger”. The song was produced by CorMIll, and it features Liberian artist GAB’s freestyle over the Lox’s -“Money, Power, Respect” sample.

ABwonderZ music centers around life experiences: whether they be families,’ peers,’ or through his own lenses. His muses derive from life’s everyday ups and downs, and the complications of being a man. Ab also believes that to overcome the obstacles- one must take risks to achieve greatness. Most importantly, AB’s music provides hope- something that all races, ethnic groups, and cultures can relate to. Especially when it is all that is remaining when facing possible deportation in federal prison for a robbery committed at the age of eighteen. It was this critical experience that made ABwonderZ turn his life around, and realize the impact his decisions have upon his life, as well as others. Since then AbwonderZ’ s music has centered around positive messages of love and determination, asking people to stay united and strong as opposed to divided and weak.

Songs such as “Major FIggas” also uplift listeners, encouraging them to work as a team to achieve the same possible end goal. “Winter VybeZ” is a song about a season most folks dread, but ABwonderZ spits about the positive benefits of the season. The songs mentioned are just a few in ABwonderZ catalog; there are much more to come, and much more you’re going to want to take a listen to. Be sure to connect with the artist to stay in tune with his latest work.





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