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 Deon The Don Has A Desire To Win

We’ve all been there, the struggle is nothing more than a roadblock that we as induvial must go through. The street life brings negativity to a vast population of people and isn’t a stranger to Deon The Don. Hailing from Augusta, GA, Deon The Don brings his story of the harsh reality from his own eyes and experiences with “Premeditated”

A Story Untold

Premeditated is a raw uncut visual bringing you that hardcore southern style with motivation to better your life and the desire to win. The project speaks to its listeners about a man who has a passion to succeed in life and leave the negativity of the street life behind. His words let you know no matter what obstacles life throws you must keep pushing forward because being independent isn’t easy and comes with its own struggles. The lead single “Till the Death of Me” speaks about just that! The message is very clear that it’s a life of positivity no matter what. In the words of Deon, the Don “If you believe you can achieve”.

The lead single is titled “Till the Death of Me” is the motivation anthem of the whole project. The single speaks for the album itself and is a track about the determination to win no matter what. With lyrics that listeners can be motivated by Deon speaks with confidence and motivation saying don’t give up on you dreams no matter what people do or what is thrown your way. The desire to win is greater than any goal one may have in place. The desire to win could make you overcome the impossible and Deon proves, no matter where you come from you must believe in your dream and yourself to overcome these obstacles.

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