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Cleveland’s All Inn Music Group Drops the ‘Go’ Album

All Inn Music

Some of Cleveland’s finest emcees to emerge since Bone Thug N’ Harmony, All In Music is back with a compilation, guaranteed to blow minds. Go, the latest compilation from the independent record label, is a high strung body of work, driven by the ability for multiple voices to come together as one to form the group N3. A pot full of Midwest flavor with a dash of dirty South lingo, Go is a powerful body of work; illustrating the versatility and diversity of each lyricist involved.

Comprised of Mark Too Sharp, Bo Dollazz, Christopher Bradley, Juan G, and Baton Rouge trio N3 is the definition of what occurs when greatness and hunger collide. Four powerful, eclectic voice fused together into one, All Inn Music’s Go is a superb body of work. The beginning of what appears to be a long road to the top, Go redefines modern Cleveland Hip Hop and shines brightly as a new era of rap is ushered to the forefront.






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