The Arcane Case Of Meek Mill And His Lacuna

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Curiosity is one of life’s original forms of entertainment. To be curious is to have questions and to have questions is to seek answers. Questions are being asked and answers are being sought as to why Meek Mill was sentenced to prison recently. The case has been gaining steam due to both his Probation Officer and the Assistant District Attorney not recommending prison time. However, the judge presiding the case saw fit that Meek serve prison time. This is due to what she felt was a squandering of multiple chances at freedom. The word is curiosity and it’s curiosity for a reason. Is there a separation between personal feelings, the difference between right and wrong, and celebrity status?

I personally find this case to be arcane. Both Meek Mill and his judge, Genece Brinkley, are African American. In the African American community we often have trouble separating personal feelings from business. I personally believe business is always personal. Personal due to separate individuals having their own unique understandings of moments. Individuals interpret these understandings when dealing with one another. That’s just my opinion personally.

One thing that stands out in this case is the fact that the judge stated that she sentenced Meek to prison time because she gave him multiple attempts to correct his life and thought he’s been neglecting those attempts. That in itself says personal feeling. Things get more peculiar with this case with the revelation of the judge asking favors from Meek. That once again says personal. When making decisions that affect the lives of others the difference between right and wrong must be known.

Meek Mill is a platinum selling artist. He’s one of the biggest musicians to hail from Philadelphia this decade. A lot of attention comes with being a celebrity. Attention, stress, envy and regret all go hand-to-hand as well. I don’t think Meek is the perfect individual, but when you say the judge asked favors from Meek you also must be ready to ask if Meek ever asked favors from the judge. That’s where this case continues to be arcane. Another point of interest enters this equation when you factor in the judge thinking that Meek hasn’t been performing services to help the local Philadelphia community. That’s seems to be of a personal nature as well due to us living in a social media based society.

Our society thrives off social media and even a person in India can easily log into Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter and see Meek has constantly been engaging with his community over the past year. Has his engagements been to the liking of the court system? I don’t hold that answer, but in this case you can see that there’s a disconnect between court officials when it comes down to the punishment. That disconnects stems from the Probation Officer and the Assistant District Attorney not recommending jail time and the judge feeling more jail time is needed.

This case is unique with many people beginning to protest against the treatment of Meek. Is the judge right and is the public wrong for their opinions? Is the public right and the judge is wrong for her opinion? We don’t know and won’t until the complete process of appeals plays out and more information is revealed. What we do know is the circumstances surrounding the incarceration of Meek Mill is arcane and questions have to be asked. Meek was arrested and charges were dropped in his case over ten years ago, but he also was placed on probation for said case. This probation is the very reason for this incarceration today.

This isn’t Meek Mill’s first time going to jail since being a famous recording artist. He served a year in prison after the release of his first album. Meek also faced possible jail time after the release of his second album. However, he was only sentenced to house arrest that time. His third album was recently released earlier this year and here we find Meek once again being sentenced to jail time. That’s an amazing streak in itself. This case is arcane and will remain mysterious until more questions are answered. Meek is a great musician with a lot of talent and it would be unfortunate to see his career cut short once again due to a personal schism.

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