Critics Criticize Beyonce, Critics Criticized the Movement

My Grandmother told me that history will always repeat itself in every generation. The hurt and pain that our ancestors endured have been inflicted on the present. Today’s time keeps reminding us of the hatred and racism that our people suffered from.

Beyonce was mocked, and memes were created because she chose to present a very strong message to the entire world.Labeling it as a rebirth of the “Black Panther Movement”. It is evident that the vicious cycle is repeating amongst us; governmental genocide, senseless cop killings, and the Republican party canceling out the programs that our people need. My people, history is certainly repeating itself.

The Black Panther Party, founded in the 1960s, is one of a male in a signature beret carrying a gun, his woman was  right there alongside enforcing the vital message of “We Shall Overcome”. We played roles at every level of the movement, from press secretaries and editors to chairwomen.

Many women who served important and influential roles were not afraid to express their concerns about sexism within the Black Panther Party. Women like Kathleen Cleaver, Angela Davis, Assata Shakur( the late Tupac Shakur’s Mom) and others stood firm regarding their beliefs.

In honor of the Party’s 50th anniversary this year, let’s take a look back on some of the most notable female members in this Black History Month gallery.

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