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Hold Up, Wait A Minute

For decades, Chicago and St. Louis have been partners in crimes in the heart of the wild Midwest. Fuming with brilliant talent and authentic voices, the meccas are oftentimes overshadowed by the glitz of the industry. Rising St. Louis emcee Bates brings that to an end as she grabs Chicago producer Muzic Boy to stop the world on Hold Up, Wait A Minute.

A self-directed visual with beautiful cinematography from Film Lord, #HUWAM is the third video from Bates’ smash summer album Strange Woman. A plethora of provocative themes stringed together to stop time, #HUWAM is a concept unexplored by artists thus far in female lyricism. The Songstress Kourtney Nicole accompanies Bates throughout the record, her dynamic vocals bringing a sensational aura to Muzic Boys production.

A genius record fueled by St. Louis passion and an undeniable Chitown glow, Hold Up, Wait A Minute exemplifies the blossoming skill of both Muzic Boy and Bates and sets the stage for a new era of Midwest reign.

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