Bone 40 – Fee Fi Fo Fum ft. HiCoup | @joshasbone40

Bone 40 – Fee Fi Fo Fum ft. HiCoup | @joshasbone40

Producer Joshua ”Bone 40” Boon brings back the days of old and jazzy records with new single, Fee Fi Fo Fum” featuring HiCoup



With the dark JazzFunky EP Groovin’, producer Joshua ”Bone 40” Boon (formerly Fuel Box) wants to bring back the days of old, jazzy instrumental records. Booker T & the MG’s, Herbie Hancock, Jackie Mittoo ranging all the way to Miles Davis. Sometimes laid back, sometimes hard and gritty, with a lot of room for improvisations and soulful vibes. And of course, 2016 style, with raw hip-hop influences of the likes of Madlib, Danger Mouse and Flying Lotus.

Apart from instrumental solo’s of different guest musicians, for example Susanne Alt (known for her recent album “Saxify” with Fred Wesley, Michael “Clip” Payne, Gary Winters and more), the EP contains vocalist appearances on “Fee Fi Fo Fum” by New Jersey rapper HiCoup (collaborator of Sotu the Traveller and Public Enemy’s DJ Johnny Juice) and “Scared” by jazz singer Angèle de Jong.

The last release that Joshua Boon composed and produced, SoulDubHop album ‘I” by Fuel Box (2011) – with a guest appearance by Gang Starr foundation member Deams- got good reviews and attention in national and international media (GrimyGoods/LA’s 98.7, The Find, Nerdy Frames, Laid-back Radio, 22tracks etc.). Leading music platform signed them for their exclusive licensing program, music was used in programs on Dutch MTV and the album was eventually released through American label “Beats Broke” with a bonus remix by producer Inf.

While the Fuel Box album was an effort to come up with the best songs possible, The Groovin’ EP is free and an ode to the progressive and experimental mindstate found in Jazz, Hip-hop, and Dub.

Fee Fi Fo Fum is a perfect blend of hip hop, conscious content, and melodic vibes. From a straightforward lyrical approach in each verse to a softer melodic chorus, this is a very mellow track that keeps you listening to the very end. Take a listen to this and let us know how you feel.



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