BossCity HD Goes ‘Diddy In Da Pot’ | @BossCityHD

BossCity HD channels his inner “Diddy” with ‘Diddy In The Pot’

BossCity HD

Boston, Massachusetts MC, BossCity HD, is no stranger to the limelight, having already had a major deal when he was younger, so his presence is always felt when he decides to drop, especially in the 617.

“Diddy In Da Pot” is his latest release and is filled with witty wordplay and an infectious beat supplied by heavyweights, Nard and B.

Without even knowing anything about the content of the record, the beat, flow, and adlibs will hook you in. And if you’re a hustler, the record will have you doing your finest “Diddy” as you rock out.

Check out the official visual below!



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