Caucasian Doll – “Buddhababy Ahh”| @Caucasiandadoll

Caucasian Doll – “Buddhababy Ahh”| @Caucasiandadoll

Caucasian Doll prepares Fans for the upcoming EP “Diary of an Untypical B*tch”

Caucasian Doll born Ariana Carswell is an African-American rapper of mixed nationality on October 17th, 1995. She is a hardworking mother out of Broward County Florida whose ambitions match her relentless hustle. Losing her father to the Federal judicial system at 7 years old, her life was far from a normal childhood. Carswell came up in a broken home with little attention from her mother who was occupied by a strenuous work schedule. Carswell, a product of her environment, followed the path of the streets and began her career as a dancer, earning her name Caucasian Doll. Bettering her life, she started her career as an Esthetician, Home Health Aide, and Certified Nurse Assistant while continuing her education at Florida Atlantic University for hospitality. 

Caucasian DollAs a child singing in the choir, Caucasian Doll develops a passion for music. Enduring adversities, her voice, and her dreams of being a singer were lost along the way. Instead, she wrote music as an escape, a diary acting as a release for her traumatic experiences. January 2023, those past dreams were renewed as she started her music career under her alias as a dancer, Caucasian Doll. She continues to grow into a professional inspirational entrepreneur, someone women who have endured the same trauma can look to for inspiration. 

Caucasian Doll uses conquering her traumatic life challenges to send a message to every woman, teen, and adult, encouraging that whatever they’re going through doesn’t make them the person they are today, for nothing is permanent but everything is temporary, and even though troubles may come, there’s always a light at the end of every tunnel. Currently, Caucasian Doll’s latest single “Buddhababy Ahh” is streaming on all major platforms. Fans anticipate the release of her EP “Diary of an Untypical Bi*ch.” 

Until then, be sure to connect with Caucasian Doll on social media and digital music platforms. 





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