Conscience Rhyme-“Jacqui’s Son”|@ConscienceRhyme

Conscience Rhyme-“Jacqui’s Son”|@ConscienceRhyme

Conscience Rhyme delivers his latest project “Jacqui’s Son” on all major

streaming platforms

Born and raised in Miami Florida, Conscience Rhyme became engulfed in Hip Hop culture at an early age finding Influence from Eric B and Rakim, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Poison Clan, and Public Enemy. Conscience Rhyme has an inherent ability to grab listeners with the depth of his intelligent lyricism and the strength of his voice.

Conscience RhymeIn June of 1996, Conscience Rhyme met his lyrical partner in rhyme from the southside of Chicago, OpSolo. Together they formed the group Purgatory and began a musical odyssey that has endured for 26 years. Along with the supergroup Andromeda, Conscience Rhyme set forth on a spiritual, political and provocative journey with the release of his first solo album “The Unauthorized Bio pf Patrick J. Wilcox” in 2013.

Now following up with his sophomore album “Jacqui’s Son, Hip Hop will be re-elevated to heights unmatched by simpler mortals. The final destination and the final verse have yet to be written. This album is being released and is dedicated in memory of his mother Jacqueline Wilcox on her birthday September 11, 2022. His mother past away on January 13, 2022, from colon cancer. It changed my life and the direction of this album. My mom was so full of life and until the day she died, she believed she would live. I wanted to capture her optimistic spirit and courage on this album. From “Around My Way” to the last track “Heaven (Mama Said)”, the essence of my Mom can be felt throughout this album. It is my most personal album to date. So, just sit back relax and press play. I hope my Moms positive and loving personality fills you with the love she gave me and my sisters, her Grandchildren, and everyone that came into contact with her. Be sure to connect with Conscience Rhyme on his website, social media, and digital music platforms.






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