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 Producer Dale Anthony wants you to know that Praises are Heard


Dale Anthony, a native of Oakland, California and a graduate of Walt Disney’s California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California, is an ingenious producer, master vocal arranger, musician, highly skilled choral and instrumental conductor, teacher and musical director that has worked with several industry powerhouses, most notably, Earnest Pugh.

His 2012 debut album “The Faith Out Loud Project” has taken the Bay Area Christian Community by storm with popular hits like “Won’t Let You Fall” and “I Can Depend”.

“Praises Heard”, the debut single from his highly anticipated sophomore album, is available for iTunes, Google Play, Rhapsody, Spodify, Amazon, Tidal & iHeart Radio- download now!

Check out Mr. Anthony’s website: www.daleanthonymusic.com

Twitter: @daleantmusic

Facebook: facebook.com/daleanthonymusic

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