DJ Poska features Frank Knight and Kola Rai on his latest track


DJ Poska (Paris, France ) presents Frank Knight and Kola Rai on the hip-hop joint, “Passion of the Greatest” from the BlockBangerz album coming soon.

Frank Knight (also known as Knizza or Frank Knizza) born Franklin Knight is a Hip-Hop artist born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Knight is the essence of all the powerful souls in ghettos worldwide. Knight uses his Hip-Hop artistry to convey the message of hope, self-determination and love to express the stories of all the impoverished low-income individuals from all corners of the world.

The Singer/Dancer,  Kola Rai hails from the Bronx, and she is adding some sultry flavor to this track. Make sure you follow them on twitter, @DJPOLSKA, @FrankKnizza,@KOLARAI


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