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Atlanta natives, 550 & Casino releases debut EP, “2 Fat Niggas 2: Before We Was Fat” ï”¥

There are rappers that you listen to because of their lyrical abilities and then there are the rare breeds you listen to because they have something special.  You can feel their pain through their voices.  Their struggles can make your day seem like just a walk in the park.  That’s what separates this up and coming recording artist emerging from Madoff Records 550 from the other crop of street rappers.


Darren Buice better known in the streets as 550 was given his name because of being one of the 1st young street dudes to drive a Mercedes S550 in his neighborhood. Born and raised in Atlanta’s notorious section of Kirkwood, 550 is the one artist that has 850 for his street credit.  He was also given the highest street ranking of 550 in the infamous street gang Bloods.  After surviving a home invasion, which led to a 107 bullets shoot out and a 4-year prison sentence, 550 decided upon release that he will take his knowledge of the streets and tell his story through his music.

“My best friend was shot in the back of the head right in front of me.  When I was 17 and my other partner was killed while I was in prison.  The only thing the streets give you is death and lost time.  Neither one of them you can get back.”

550 turned to street life as a means to take care of his family.  “Fast money was the only way I can pay the bills fast.  I didn’t know how to cut hair or fix cars so selling dope became my trade.”   550 ended up dropping out of school in the 10th grade but eventually received his GED in prison.

“I don’t want to just rap about what I’ve done just to be a typical rapper.  I want the youth to see the downside of this street shit,” says 550.

Legendary talents, such as UGK, Tupac and 36 Mafia are some of 550’s musical influences. There is no wonder why when you listen -you can hear the pain of the ghetto blaring through the speakers with such an infectious sound. That’s the reason why his fans follow him like the pied piper of the hood.  550 is the real voice of the streets.




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