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Platinum Hip Hop presents Brick Squad Monopoly artist, Shep and his latest accomplishments. Born in Arkansas, but raised in Dallas, Texas, the young Native American (Cherokee) and Haitian descendant debuted his southern style and unique “country dialect” on his breakout mixtape titled; “Real Recognize Trill” via Live Mixtapes. The mixtape quickly rose to tens of thousands of views with the help from Chicago’s DJ IMNIT and Ohio’s DJ E-Dub. Even now, his first underground hit single  “Gilligan’s Island” is still a club banger and the song that caught Brick Squad’s attention.

Growing up for Dominick (Shep) was not the easiest. In 1993, his mother, Neteshia Bowman, was a young 16-year-old mother raising a child on her own . As Dominick got older, she taught him to survive on his own while living in section 8, low-income housing. There were days that his mom didn’t come home from work, so he had to find ways to eat food on his own. Eventually when Shep became a teenager, he joined the “crips” (gang) and started drug dealing to provide money for himself and baby brother Jaylen.

During Shep’s high school years he got his rap name from teammates on his basketball team. Dominick was an excellent student in school, however he could not leave the streets alone. Eventually he would suffer the consequences of being in the streets, by receiving multiple gunshots from rivals and felony charges, while in high school. Upon his release from incarceration, Shep returned to high school just in time to graduate with a diploma, and also see his daughter, Jillian Riley Shepherd born.
In January 2014, Being a new face to the underground southern rap mixtape scene, he was already overshadowed by his Atlanta peers such as: Migos, Jose Guapo, Young Thug, & PeeWee LongWay whom were all on the rise to stardom because of their geographical closeness to the trap god himself “Gucci Mane”.  Shep is a new inductee to Waka Flocka’s Brick Squad Monopoly imprint, in association to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records. However, Shep still managed to create a social media buzz independently, while Gucci Mane’s incarceration in prison. In Arkansas, he is considered the “King Of The State” because of his accomplishments on building a brand from the ground up, in an unnoticed  state were there is very low-income and no actual market for rappers. Therefore marking Shep as the official pioneer for Arkansas.During this time frame, his mom caught Cancer in Arkansas and he decided to relocate back to Florida with his dad and siblings to relieve stress and focus on his music.
While in Miami, Florida – Brick Squad Monopoly’s Haitian Fresh and his DJ (DJ Wild Child) supported Shep’s movement. Eventually the Miami native DJ Wild Child was able to break Shep’s music while attending Bethune-Cookman University (HBCU) as a local Daytona Beach college DJ, student, and event coordinator for throughout Florida and the Caribbean islands. Currently in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New York, Illinois , California, Shep is becoming a new household name. Thanks to the support from Miami natives Haitian Fresh (Brick Squad Monopoly, Zoe Pound) and Shep’s God Uncle the founder of King Of Diamonds Miami; Terry Elliot Sr. have both mentored Shep from a once troubled young man, into a Phoenix arising from the ashes in preparation to be one of the biggest stars that this generation will ever see.

On July 1, 2014, Shep sent out a tweet from his official Twitter account @ShepBSM confirming his loyalty and authenticity to his 1017 Brick Squad boss; Gucci Mane. As a result, Shep was retweeted on to Gucci Mane’s official account and the tweet caused a shift in his brand by finally confirming to DJs, fans, and others alike of Shep’s authenticity into the industry.

 Recently, Shep was presented the opportunity to be an opening act for his mentor and Brick Squad Monopoly C.E.O. Waka Flocka in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the “Turn Up Godz Tour.”  On July 4, 2015 Shep linked up with Miami’s DJ Faded to release his second mixtape, presented by Brick Squad Monopoly; titled: “Ain’t No Hand Out.”
With his latest mixtape doing well on Livemixtapes.com Shep is said to be a break out Indie artist of this year. His versatile style, life story, handsome appearance and unique vocal dialect, are what makes him very marketable in this rapidly changing industry.


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