Platinum Hip Hop presents to you another dope Indie Artist by the name of Jun!or (Pronounced Junior).

A young man raised in the streets of “Lost Vegas” carving his name into the hip hop game one track at a time. Originally from Oahu, HI, Junior proves he is typical Island boy. Jun!or mixes his versatile lyrics with the quicker tempo beats that transcend the familiar hip-hop audience and catch fans from hustlers to smokers to the blue collar listener and everything in between.


“I want to encourage every listener (not only of my work but all music) to not take things so literal. We all tend to forget sometimes that this is entertainment.” Says Rabanes.

Still riding high from his February release of “ Lost Vegas” a fifteen track mixtape featuring collaborations with J. Ames and fellow LOUD MiLiTiA member B.A.$.H. , he released a 4 track EP entitled “Fore Tellings”.This project gave fans an intimate look into the mind of this lyricist.

With subject matter from politics, to how time changes relationships, Jun!or shows the raw transparency of his stories. In a city where only the glitz and glam are publicized, Jun!or’s rhymes are a call to attention to removing the blinders and see the real story of this generation.

Junor_Lost_Vegas-front-large (1)

Jun!or draws from the influences of mainstream artists like Eminem and Nas, the undistinguished talents of Flatbush zombies and King Los to create an undeniably refreshing sound. Although, many of the influences are far from hip hop including jazz, rock, and reggae. Junior’s dynamic and empowering message will undoubtedly land him among the stars with hip hop cultures trail blazers that you know so well.

So what’s next for this talented young man?

Blessing stages near you in the “not too distant” future, promoting my next project “conversations with myself” and the rest…. he said best “You’ll be hearing more from me soon. Keep them ears clean.”

Twitter: @LOUD_MiLiTiA



Jun!or (@loudmilitia) • Instagram photos and videos


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