Platinum Hip Hop presents Brooklyn, New York native,  LUC’ aka Onaje “Lucifah” Brown was raised in the Bushwick section of town by parents of Jamaican descent.  Hip-hop artist Luc’, prefers to be called “Luc’” (loose) met and fell in love with music at an early age. His first mind-opening exposure to its cultural and ethnic allure came from family: a parental stereo offering reggae, disco, and rhythm and blues selections, among others. Watching older cousins performing their own penned material during several local street events kept the spark burning. Hip-hop had arrived and Luc’ is never looking back.

Hip-hop artists such as Pete Rock and CL Smooth, Slick Rick, LL Cool J, Heavy D, Nas, Snoop Dogg, and Jay-Z caught and held the nascent musician’s attention. Utilizing his own experiences, knowledge, and history, Luc’ began penning his own lyrics at age twelve. By the time he attended high school at George Westinghouse in 1996, a classmate bestowed the moniker “Lucifah”, owing to his skill at delivering “hot metaphors into rap ciphers”. One year later, the passing of his rap icon (The Notorious B.I.G.) would solidify his passion for the genre.

“You can make it, as long as you go for it.”

Often, he heard his talents were God- given. He was not one to turn down opportunity, showcases at New York clubs (The Pyramid Club, Club Speed, The Grill, and Pianos) and competitions in Florida clubs (The Gator Club, Club Screamers, and Page II Nightclub) illustrated audiences’ appreciation with high rankings and recognition of craft.

Many factors motivate the artist to pursue his art form. Luc’ says he creates hip-hop to illustrate the complex picture of life and its obstacles through his own personal culture and strong familial upbringing and melds all into a compelling blend of musical mastery and lyrical inspiration. His performance style engages audiences through witty wordplay, strong delivery, and positive theatrics designed to educate. Additionally, he applies his talents as narrator and poet as a voice for people in any form or color and encourages all to pursue their own dreams.

Luc’s professional goals include forays into mentoring, philanthropy, and branching out into career fields beyond the musical realm. He wants to be remembered not just for his performances at New York and Florida showcases and clubs but also for his honest care and commitment to people of all ages by introducing them to music that changes lives for years to come.

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