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Teen Sensation, Alyssa Colòn wow Fans with latest single, “I’m Gucci”


The divine force of women in Hip Hop and R&B is one that is undeniable and necessary for the evolution of the genres. Lyrically in tune, voices from women of all ages and ethnicities have rained from the sky for decades; inspiring and influencing a new generation of songstresses and femcees. Destined for greatness with her eyes on the prize is 16-year-old singer/songwriter Alyssa Colòn, a young star with a voice full of purpose and a heart made of gold.

Unlike most youth who strived to become doctors, nurses or lawyers, Alyssa’s first choice was always music. Sounds from pop and R&B sensations like Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Alicia Keys and Adele poured from her stereo, their style and tone influenced the young creative as she grew into her brand. After strategizing a plan for success with her father, Alyssa’s movement began to blossom with the visual for her first video Because of You gaining over 500K views!

Raised in Long Island, NY, Alyssa’s love for music came early as she watched her grandfather live the dream she would soon seek out herself. His adventures on the road touring with his band and playing his guitar in Las Vegas were the epitome of Alyssa’s aspirations and her first introduction to being a real musician. Her greatest inspiration behind her music, Alyssa’s grandfather taught her to never give up on herself or her craft; a sentiment she would carry with her as she ascended to the top.

What’s next for the budding new artist?

Certain of her destiny and aligned with her goals, Alyssa Colòn is a rising superstar with a voice and a message. Her tasteful, classy demeanor and heartfelt, truth-based lyricism makes her relatable to listeners both young and old. A special talent, with still more room to grow, Alyssa’s rich journey is just beginning as she moves closer and closer to the stars.

Currently, Alyssa is working on her debut EP and producing her new single ‘Another Level’ featuring Love & Hip Hop Miami star and recording artist Bobby Lytes. Also, she will be releasing another single, ‘Boss Up’ with Jeff Cherry (The Haitian Mufasa) winner of VH1’s Hit Show, ‘Signed.’

Young at heart but brazen in spirit, the Alyssa Colòn brand is one of longevity and substance. Her consistent delivery of resonating content matched with her incredible songwriting abilities makes her a viable contender in the next generation of mainstream singers and artists.  


Alyssa Colòn




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