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To Hustle, or not to Hustle-that is the question. If this question had to be answered, T Villa is the master of the game. Terrell Northington, better known as T. Villa is an independent artist born and raised on the western side of Detroit, Michigan between the two neighborhoods of Schoolcraft Ave and 7 mile Rd. Quickly, he learned a lot of life’s lessons the hard way while experiencing the woes of life. At an early age, the absence of a reliable male figure placed the burden of being the man of the household on his shoulders and the “hustle” came to life. Unstable living and trouble in the street and in school made Villa resort to an unplanned lifestyle that many can’t fathom. Attending various schools in the city and state proved to be quite challenging for the young Villa, but helped mold him into the artist he is today. At the tender age of 8, Villa was able to put his thoughts and experiences into words. He knew he wanted to tell the world, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.



During his young adult years, Villa had to make a choice; the streets or his career. The song, “Callin Me” depicts the decisions he had to make and the encounters with the “streets”. His music tells about his life stories. ”I got to this level of success in music so far by taking the music side and the business side serious. When people rocking with your music and they see that you really serious about making moves then the right people help you out”. says Villa.

In December of 2011,  T. Villa made it official that a career in music is what he wanted to pursue. Wanting to be taken serious, Heavy Made Ent, his independent label, became a Limited Liability Company, also known as LLC.  Villa released his first independent mixtape “Detroit Made” hosted by Dj BJ in 2012. Shortly after the “Detroit Made” mixtape, T. Villa released 3 more independent mixtapes; “Paper View”, “Say No Apologiez” and  G.M.A.O “Grindin’ My Ass Off” .

“Paper View”, hosted by DJ Bj , debuted on DJ Tampa Mystic’s- “Desert Storm Radio’s Top 10” mixtapes, after four days of being released. This mixtape included his hard hitting single, “Count It Up”, that fired up the airwaves in Detroit and Charlotte, NC. After a brief 4 month stint in the county jail;  he released his 3rd project,  “Say No Apologiez” hosted by Big Dog Blast and The Missin Link. Most recently in 2014, G.M.A.O “Grindin’ My Ass Off” hosted by The Missin Link and Dj Cassius Cain was unleashed.


Villa has been making his presence known in various clubs in Detroit, Pure Passion West with “Stop the Beef” Radio in Indianapolis, on various internet radio shows and blogs nationwide.  Also, he was a guest on Detroit Turbulence’s “Prime Time TV” and recently opened up for MMG artist Stalley on his “No Place Like Home Tour” in Akron,OH. Presently, Villa is making a second debut in major cities in Ohio on “Big Heff’s Industry Tour”. In May of 2014, he participated and rocked the stage in his hometown, Detroit. “ I’ve been fortunate enough to work people like; FM 98 WJLB’s Big Dog Blast; DJ Infamous VA; my producers; AK and Motizzy; my homie Steve B;  Dj BJ and a couple other people who’ve been in my corner “ states Villa.



Villa’s single, “Callin Me” is heating up the worldwide web and getting spins in Charlotte, NC and in Toledo on 107.3- The Juice FM Radio. Also, the singles, “Blowed” and “P.W.T.P” are currently making waves on the worldwide. They have  been deemed as the “Smokers Anthem” and the ladies “Till You Come Back to Me” antidote  to those who have listened.

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“Continue grinding, learning and keep growing. Don’t listen to the negative and always believe in yourself 100 percent because you’re the only person that’s gotta live with your success or failure” says Villa.


With the combination of a Hustler’s demeanor, work ethic, the life lessons learned, captivating lyrics and a strong passion for music-T. Villa will turn more heads, open more ear cavities and give audiences worldwide- a great reason to turn up your radios.

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