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Platinum Hip Hop presents the soulful sounds of R&B crooner, TJ Boyce. Hailing from Houston, TX; home of humidity and candy paint–Boyce is a breath of cool air. While there is a lot of love for the artists who put Houston on the map, history will consider Boyce as one of the pioneers of a new Houston R&B sound. The changing soundscape of Houston R&B begins with the identifiable craftsmanship you would expect from a multi-talented performer. Boyce is a singer, writer, and producer. He is well-poised to compete and collaborate with today’s artists and beyond. “I want to represent a new sound, a new energy, a new spirit, a new mind-set, focused primarily on the music,” Boyce offered in a brief interview.

Artists such as Al Green, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley helped to refine the sort of musical dexterity that suits TJ Boyce. These influences implement home-cooked, experience-laden, music that sticks to your ribs. The type of music that touches people; it’s something you feel and experience no matter how old you are. It is sincerely anchored in the wisdom of his grandmother, who expressed with such emotion. This emotive reflection mesmerized the young Boyce and cemented the way he would later share his music with the world. “I am a musician, producer, writer, and vocalist. When I create a record, I think of the entire production as if it were a painting or puzzle. My musical sensibility relies upon being able to understand the nuances of the human spirit.”

Passionate about his music, the craftsmanship of TJ Boyce represents a unique link that connects lyric, content, style, and emotion; real music that the fans can feel and experience. The TJ Boyce experience is special because it comes from an honest place of expression; tailor made for the musically inclined. It chronicles stories from his life, the lessons he’s learned, and the fabric of working hard as an independent artist. A cursory listen to his music, finds TJ Boyce in a similar realm with today’s popular artists such as R.Kelly, Trey Songz, and Chris Brown. TJ Boyce is a consummate gentleman and a fierce competitor, equipped with producing results that separate artist from singer and performer from entertainer.

TJ Boyce

TJ Boyce is the complete artist. He experiences the music. Boyce revealed that his music is both therapy and a craft that he enjoys perfecting everyday. “There was a time I stopped doing music and I turned into a different person, I am much happier now. I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer, it is where I am most comfortable.” Boyce reveals. The musical craft of TJ Boyce is constantly being polished as he works on being emotionally honest, more skillful with words and sounds, as well as maintaining a certain amount of diligence in the overall scope of work. Boyce also realizes the business part of the music industry. He is one of the hardest independent artist in the world, recording and performing on a regular basis, his latest releases, “No Panties” and “Burn Down The Bedroom” have been featured all over the globe and is available on iTunes. “No Panties” and “Burn Down The Bedroom” are sexy, sleek, seductive and sure to entertain. It allows Boyce to display a vocal range that is seldom seen in today’s R&B music.
TJ Boyce is especially thankful to his mother who is responsible for his musical curiosities. The vast variety of music she played, as he grew up, has heavily influenced the TJ Boyce that we have come to appreciate and better understand today.






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