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FMP Dutch -“The Shit They Like”|@FMPDutch

New Orleans artist, FMP DUTCH releases new single, “The Shit They Like”

Music artists from New Orleans, Louisiana are a different breed altogether. Not only do they have the Crescent City’s unique culture coursing through their veins, but they seem to have a whole different grind and work ethic. FMP Dutch is certainly no different in that aspect. What sets FMP Dutch apart from the crowd is his mantra and sense of style. Success is a certainty for this hard working young artist.

Having been influenced by Hip Hop greats such as 2Pac, Jay-Z, Master P and the entire No Limit roster, Cash Money, DMX, and 8-Ball & MJG, FMP Dutch has a passion for his craft and it shows through his music. One listen and you will be hooked – you will also know he was meant for this. FMP Dutch set out on his musical journey over half a decade ago.

Following in his brother’s footsteps, he used life’s challenges and setbacks to motivate him to work his way up through the ranks, emerging on the local music scene as a stellar artist and businessman. FMP Dutch hopes to work with Jay-Z, Young Jeezy and Frank Ocean in the future.

FMP Dutch sits at the helm of a movement known as “MOB”, which stands for “Motivating Other Brothers”. The movement’s mission is to show people that no matter your background, you can come from behind and win, without taking the street route. He strives to teach others that the concept will not take root unless everyone is successful. In addition to growing the MOB brand, FMP Dutch is the purveyor of the ForeverMade apparel line (FVMD), a line that he plans to use to bring “flavor” back into the fashion game. He noticed a lot of consumers wanting to be different, but being forced to conform due to the lack of choices in clothing styles. ForeverMade set out to become the new flow in fashion, bringing the game to the art museum and putting masterpieces together to challenge the status quo in trends. FMP Dutch’s goal is to transcend the barriers of fashion, taking his place among industry leaders such as Sean Jean, Roca Wear and others.

FMP Dutch’s first projects were Smoking Session 1 and Smoking Session 2. After wrapping up those mixtapes, he decided to take his music in a different direction. He dropped ForeverMade in June of 2015. His latest project, PlayaMade, dropped in March of 2016. He is currently working on plans to drop an LP in 2017. Both of the most recent projects are available for sale on all major digital retail sites.

Given FMP Dutch’s work ethic, unique ideas and exclusive mindset, it is only a matter of time before his name is known throughout the mainstream. He is working hard to establish his brand and to synthesize a solid signature for himself, as well as his business endeavors. One thing is certain – FMP Dutch will not fail. His talent and business acumen will ensure success and longevity. Get ready to witness FMP Dutch taking his place among those same greats .



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