Fragrance of Yah – “Vulnerable”| @FRAGRANCEOFYAH

Fragrance of Yah – “Vulnerable”| @FRAGRANCEOFYAH

East Coast Artist, Fragrance Of Yah’s album, “Vulnerable” is filled with Neo-Soul and more



Vulnerable is the second album from Fragrance of Yah! This album is a breath of fresh air in the Neo-Soul subculture of R&B music. You may not have expected this from Fragrance of Yah considering the alternative musical stylings of her first release “Simply Love- EP”. In spite of this, you should note that her lyrical content remains as complex and thought-provoking as it’s been since her single release of “Heavenly Consciousness” back in 2011.

The album begins with “Never Really Been In Love”, a signature R&B tune. This puts you on notice that she is going to deliver what she promised regarding the genre. It also solves the mystery of her ability to bring complexity to even the most simplified of notions. “The Man” shows you that not only can she write a song lyrically, but she also has some beat making/ composition skills as well. She composed the track underneath this piece which calls to the tiring search of comparing your everyday suitor to those men who have lead the struggles for freedom in our story. Song number three is “All You Have To Do.” Here is a rather catchy R&B tune with a smidge of Hip Hop infused in it. Don’t overlook the spiritual elements added from her until the end of the album. “The Way You Move Me” combines the messages of the previous two songs by keeping the spiritual element and showing you how to engage with your intended lover without sacrificing God’s choices for you. The highlight is the most teasing of songs on this album, Keys To Love (Snippet).

Fragrance of Yah shows the most vocal prowess on this track and since it’s not a full song, you can’t help but wonder what she is truly capable of accomplishing vocally. Following “Keys To Love (Snippet)” wasn’t an easy choice, yet “Appreciate You Enough (feat. Oen Garde)” filled in a gap leaving you feeling as if it was never there at all. This song has to be the Pop piece of the album, ready to fill your weekend with positive energy. Finally, you come to “Law of Attraction,” which is a jazzy track to mellow you right back out and prepare you for the next release. Spreading the “Fragrance of Yah (Love)” with every lyric, melody, and breath means never stop dreaming, pushing, stretching, growing, and reaching for better!

“Resilient Soul” is releasing in 2019!! Stay tuned.









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