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International artists, Jack LNDN and Lex Loe shows us a “Good Time” with their debut dance single




jackLNDN and Lex Low ingeniously teamed up on debut single, “Good Time”. This track will have you mesmerized, leaning back and enjoying some electronic R&B flow.

“Good Time is about dropping all the pretense. It’s about running into someone you drifted from and just having a moment unencumbered by whatever happened in the past. That person could be a friend, an ex, it could even be directed at yourself; getting to a healthier place by allowing each other to move on, relax a bit and reconnect.”


International extraordinaire, Jack LNDN  is a multi-faceted Producer, DJ, and Artist. He has performed at venues like Lollapalooza, Electric Forest, Hangout, Wakarusa, Red Rocks, Decadance, Mysteryland, Lightning in a Bottle, Dancefestopia, Camp Bisco;  just to name a few. In addition to that, Jack’s DJ sets have taken him across, the UK, America and beyond.

In 2016,  Jack LNDN began touring his first ever live show, featuring Keys, Drums, Vocals and more. He specializes in creating music that makes you dance. So, get into the groove by pressing the play button and experience “Good Time”.


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