Jordan D. Mitchell (@itsjordanbreh‏)/Siana Villaverde – “Birthday”

California natives, Jordan D. Mitchell and Siana Villaverde reinvent a 90’s R&B sonnet into a trap love song about exes reconnecting


 The artist/producer, Jordan D. Mitchell collaborated with the r&b singer, Siana Villaverde on his latest debut, Birthday”. This project samples 90s R&B songs and brings them back to life in a modern day setting. Currently, the two are working on a project called “Until the End” which highlights the arival and departure of a couple in California.

Jordan, born in Atlanta, Georgia; but raised in Stockton, California (more so a Stockton Native than anything) and Sacramento, CA. This traveling artist has done more than enough in his generation. Jordan is quite capable of producing, composing, teaching and performing music of almost every genre. His music has as many symbols to his dark past as it does to his bright future. Be sure to connect with Jordan D. Mitchell on social media. 

Jordan D. Mitchell

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