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LA Lyricist, Joseph Jams releases his latest single, “Talk To Me”

Lyrically, Joseph Jams is a triple threat in the hip-hop world. “Talk to Me” is lyrically-laced with hardcore flows and a East coast vibe.

The son of Puerto Rican and Mexican parents, Joseph Melendez was born and raised in the often overlooked County of Orange, 30 minutes south of Los Angeles, United States. With the exception of four summers spent soaking up the culture in Puerto Rico, he grew up in several predominantly Spanish speaking neighborhoods skateboarding and fascinated by graffiti art on the streets of sunny Southern California. His passion for music was supported by his father and uncle, two music enthusiasts, who always made sure Joseph had musical instruments to keep him out of trouble (which sort of worked).

     Infatuated with the crusty warmth of vinyl and drum machines, Joseph would spend most of the money earned from working full-time jobs since the age of 16 on music production equipment. Before dropping out of High School he was thoroughly schooled by a good friend on classic Hip Hop records including Gang Starr’s “Daily Operation”, ATCQ’s “Low End Theory” and Slum Village’s “Fantastic Vol. 1 & 2” among many others. Lyrically influenced by the depth and delivery of MC’s such as Phonte Coleman (Little Brother), One Be Lo (Binary Star) & Black Thought (The Roots) to name a few, Joseph’s intent to innovate rhyming words while painting vivid imagery with a refreshing vocabulary over swinging drums and melodic sounds is pure and felt throughout his catalog of independently produced as well as promoted singles.

Joseph Jams

     With over 10,000 hours of practice in songwriting, recording, composing, arranging, engineering, studying music theory and DJ’ing under his belt JosephJams is rapidly captivating the ears of listeners who have been searching for the missing link between old school, socially conscious styles of hip hop and the futuristic, modern approach at what hip hop has evolved into. At 23 years young, Joseph is showing no sign of fatigue on his quest to leave a legacy of sound to stimulate and inspire other creative geniuses.


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