[VIDEO] Kassius Brikkz – “MEAL TICKET” | @Kassius_Brikkz

[VIDEO] Kassius Brikkz – “MEAL TICKET” | @Kassius_Brikkz

Kassius Brikkz releases the visual to his new single, “Meal Ticket”


Kassius Brikkz – the Bed-Stuy lyricist is taking every opportunity to cash in on his meal ticket. Brikkz is definitely the last of a “dying breed,” as he calls himself on his new single, “Meal Ticket”. 

Kassius_Brikkz, a 20-year-old Brooklyn native started writing rhymes at the early age of 11, after being influenced by the late great Notorious B.I.G, Ludacris, and Eminem. Brikkz wanted to express his creativity, not taking his rhymes seriously. However, after being at a Dipset photo shoot, he had the opportunity to speak to Cam’Ron, and witnessing all the glitz and glam that surrounded them, he came to the realization that he wanted to take rapping seriously. While in high school, he met a friend who shared the same interest as him, R.I.C.O. They both were given the opportunity to join a rap group and due to certain disagreements, the group separated.

Brikkz was determined to make his dream come true and as a result, he teamed up with another high-school friend Jay-D, who had a desire to become a mogul, also putting his trust and lyrical thoughts into him. With the help of Jay-D as his manager, the two found studios that allowed Kassius_Brikkz to record freestyles. By promoting his music and getting good reviews, they realized that Kassius_Brikkz had a place in the music industry.

The class clown didn’t really last as a student/ Rapping to move the game but I crashed as a unit/ Saw the vision and movement of drug dealing and boosting… ~Kassius Brikkz

“their words always painted pictures.” And just like his influences, he hopes to do the same…amongst other things. He doesn’t want to make music that you can just bop to, he wants his words to stick and inspire. 

“The industry has changed over the years. I’m at the point where I just wanna make music and inspire others. I’ve never been focused on money. I just wanna be recognized for being dope. Eventually, branch off into film and fashion.”

Kassius Brikkz

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