Miami Rap Stylist, Kimmi Kartier releases her long-anticipated  single, “Cutting UP”

Rap Stylist, Kimmi Kartier born as Lamaria Waters resides in Miami, Florida. The multi-talented Miami Entrepreneur is a Rapper, Hairstylist and Makeup Artist! The 27- year-old artist loves music! Her latest single, “Cutting Up” Freestyle represents who she is as an artist, bar to bar.

KIMMI KARTIERKimmi Kartier looks at music like poetry. As a little girl, she carried her notebook with her everywhere. She would write poems on it every day, this was an outlet for the young Kimmi. “Both of my parents were incarcerated- when I was younger. So writing poems about my emotions and how I felt is the way of expressing myself- says Kimmi.”

As Kimmi Kartier got older, she would write raps to different beats- but she was too young and shy to let the world hear it. Her shy demeanor didn’t stop her from writing. She states that “Rap lyrics never stop coming to my mind. I wrote everything down every time it came to me.” Recording the “Cutting Up” freestyle was her first time in the studio and it gave her insight on the recording process. Being exposed to that sector of it changed everything for her.

Look out for Kimmi Kartier for more music. She has a library of more music that she has yet to release. Connect with her on social media and digital music platforms. So stay tuned because Ms. Kartier has so much more to offer.



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