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Kyle Rapps releases latest single, “Latrell” from forthcoming LP, Perverse Ramblings



“Latrell” is a musical fever dream brought to life by Kyle Rapps’ stream-of-consciousness braggadocio paired with his own cocktail of hazy production. It’s also the latest single from the Mexico-residing rapper/producer’s upcoming project, Perverse Ramblings.

For those of you wondering, yes, this track is indeed an homage to one of the NBA’s most controversial players, Latrell Sprewell. He’s also one of Rapps’ favorite players of all time. A sentiment that the artist brings to life through references to Spree’s infamous choking incident in addition to his overall don’t-give-a-f*ck swagger.

“It makes me miss the days when the NBA was edgier and more hardbody,” Rapps says of the track’s inspiration.


“Latrell was more real, more human—with tragic flaws and measured virtues,” Rapps adds.


Those feelings are at the core of “Latrell,” a quick-fire listen made all the more engaging by the juxtaposition of its vocals and instrumental. Rapps spits with a dead-eyed, seemingly breathless delivery over his own otherwise-summery production. It’s an intriguing pairing and one that certainly captures Sprewell’s personality.


Give the track a stream, which is now available for free download via HYPEDDIT. Be on the lookout for the forthcoming release of, Perverse Ramblings.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/144thW9enaePeBtwWpzYU1


Free MP3 Download (HYPEDDIT): http://hypeddit.com/track/sc/av1a3z


Stream/Buy-Links (Smart URL): http://smarturl.it/KyleRappsLatrell

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