Good Life Music Group’s, Law collabs with Gucci Mane on debut single, “Know Me”



Good Life Music Group’s, Law previously dubbed the “unleashed beast” is no longer being tamed, he is now coming into his own with a new breakout track “Know Me”. As one of Good Life’s major players, he sat back and played his position, but now his time has come and he has linked up with Atlanta’s “Guwop King” Gucci Mane and super-producer Zaytoven. While the grind stays hard as ever, the sound and artist has definitely matured and is ready to show the world what he has been holding back all this time.

Good Life Music Group’s “Secret Weapon” was born in Cameroon, Africa and spent his younger years in Kumba, a neighborhood often referred to as “the gutter.” At the age of six, he embarked on a journey to Atlanta, which helped mold him into the man and artist he is today. Law is passionate about being an artist because of the allowance it gives him to express himself and hopes to one day take care of his family via his passion. Stay in tune with this artist by following him on social media. Abide the Law, he’s official!


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