LeeSon Bryce Snags JL, Dave East & Krayzie Bone to Deliver on Insanity | @leesonbryce @DaveEast @iamKrayzieBone

LeeSon Bryce Snags JL, Dave East & Krayzie Bone to Deliver on Insanity

LeeSon Bryce

Kansas City emcee LeeSon Bryce is back with a Hip Hop banger guaranteed to make you question your sanity. Insanity, featuring Dave East, JL and Krayzie Bone, is go-getter track laced with all the elements of one rising to the top and shooting for the throne.

Remaining true to its name, Insanity is a crazy track; placing listeners in an out of body, Hip Hop trance from beginning to end. Calling mortality and logic to the forefront, LeeSon Bryce is transparent and clear throughout, never fading to the black against his celebrity features. Another Midwest artist showcasing his talents to the masses, LeeSon is a moving force ready to take the industry by storm.

Poised and diligent on the mic, LeeSon Bryce stands as a valuable piece in raps game of chess. And as he questions his sanity, Bryce draws listeners close, causes them to question their own.





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