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Artists Learn How to Network and Avoid “The List”


Artists have gotten away with too much crap in the past few years.  You complain and you don’t even realize that 99.999% of the time, you’re holding yourselves back with your actions. You confuse the two actions that occur on social media every day-“Promoting” and “Spamming”.  After reading this, many of you won’t like me and I truly sympathize with your feelings. I’m going to give you a list of things that we as PR, DJS and Marketers talk about:

We have feelings too, go ahead, what are you waiting for?


  1. STOP TWEETING YOUR MUSIC LINKSONLY!! Quit being lazy and introduce your music! How hard is that? Imagine this, you’re at an open mic and the host doesn’t say your name, just your song! When will you all realize that spamming our Twitter mentions is INEFFECTIVE?!
  2. STOP replying to someone else’s tweet with your music. No one was talking to you and you just interrupted our conversation with your antics!
  3. Build your fan base, FOLLOW people before you do the so-called, “I’m not spamming you, I’m promoting” tactic!
  4. Please don’t buy fake Twitter followers, Facebook likes and YouTube views! There are companies that offer Real Results!  If you haven’t noticed, these sites are cracking down on fraudulent activity and many of the fake stats eventually get deleted. Just recently, Twitter did a scrub of their systems to cut down on the spamming on accounts and DMs. Please take the time and build a real fan base.
  5. Stop spending money on major artists for a feature that won’t even help you promote the track! The whole purpose of buying a feature is to gain more attention, right? How are you gonna get that- if you’re not being supported by the person you spent money with? Also, stop spending money to have a big name DJ host your mixtape when he’s not gonna promote it. Getting your mixtape placed on LiveMixtapes isn’t a big deal if the DJ and his team won’t help promote it!


  6. When submitting music, please stop sending a promo pic that was obviously taken with your phone. Spending a little money on professional photos won’t hurt you.
  7. Please let the follow button become cold before you hit us with a link and all of the demands, Listen, Comment, Like, Share.You haven’t taken the time to see how we may benefit you before you shove your music in our ear canals!
  8. PLEASE take your Twitter page off private! Who still does that anyway? If you have an old stalker girlfriend or you want to keep your baby mama off your twitter account, THIS IS NOT THE CAREER FOR YOU! How are the fans, DJs, Tastemakers, etc gonna get to know you, if you keep your account locked up? Remember, BUILD YOUR FAN BASE!

    If you don’t know how to properly send out a professional email to the blogs and DJs then please hire a PR or someone who knows what they’re doing…I repeat, KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE DOING.


    Stop investing in huge promo email blasts. In most cases, they’re ineffective especially if it’s not coming from a reliable source. Nobody believes that the companies have 200,000 email contacts and you shouldn’t either. Look for realistic numbers when seeking an email blast service.


    Stop name dropping in hopes that you’ll have better luck getting played or posted.It’s unattractive and ineffective. What if that person knows the name you have dropped and has discovered that they really don’t know you? AWKWARD!


    Please, please, PLEASE stop worrying about what’s going on with the next artist in your city and start focusing on how to get yourself on a national level. It’s way to easy to be known in your backyard. Nobody cares about that. Stop wasting time trying to outshine the other artists in your city and worry about how you’re going to compete with Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Lil Wayne. That’s your real competition. Hire the right people to help you get to the next level, stay consistent, and work every day to be better than you were the day before.


    Be original! Just because Chief Keef made a name for himself with the “Bang Bang lyricism doesn’t mean you should go in the studio and make a song like that too! You will be known as the other copycat in the game of hip-hop.

  14. STOP getting your homies to promote your music, they are spamming the hell out of everyone’s timeline and it’s very unprofessional. Hire a professional that will creatively approach potential fans effectively.

    STOP posting music on Datpiff without protection! Need I say more on this subject?


    PLEASE place a location on your profile! There is no such city as “In the Clouds”! What if a record executive was interested in you, needed to know what city you live in, do you think he would keep looking after seeing that?

  17. Have you wondered why your followers won’t follow you back? Stop leaving your profile blank. Twitter designed their site with a purpose in mind, complete your profile and see how many people follow you back! You’ll be surprised at the number.
  18. STOP listing multiple attributes, If you’re an artist and songwriter, that’s fine.  You cannot master everything in this industry. This is what we don’t want to see: Artist | Songwriter | Producer | Graphic Artist| CEO of Get It Back Records No one cares that you know how to do all of that, so if you think listing it makes you look like an Industry Pro, think again. 


    Well, now you know what we talk about out of frustration. We want to help you further your career, but if you set up roadblocks , we can’t help you with your dream. Carpe Diem


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