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Malitia Mali Mob Serve Fans Some “Mob Mix”

Malitia Malimob is an Hip-hop band from Seattle, Washington. The band name stands for Malitia; The entire able-bodied population of a country, state, town or community proud to bare arms in defense activity or service, to protect its property, territory, culture and spiritual beliefs.

Malimob; An ochlocracy of Somalian griots that descend from the “Nation of Poets” that were protected by Pirates as infants while fleeing Somalia, that now fight the media propaganda and negative stereotypes of Africans through music.

Malitia Mali Mob embodies the very essences of hip hop to an extreme level. Coming from Somalia where just trying to find water is a struggle. War is rampant, eight year old children hold AK-47’s like they are toys. Malitia Mali Mob come from a place where there is no choice but to have a by any means mentality, because if you don’t, you don’t survive. This is the very story that hip hop is built on.

While listening, MMM embarks the listener in a journey of coming from nothing and striving to achieve the American Dream. With stories that shine a light on the world’s deepest struggles, leading the listener to find paradise within their own life and relating to the essential of survival.

Malitia Mali Mob

The Mob has a story that those who live within reality can relate to. Listening invokes exhilarating passion to better life, and enjoy the paradise within life. Guiding emotions from the feeling of sorrow to a beaming joy. Malitia Mali Mob’s music advances the mind from being politically aware to taking joy in finer materials, having an militant mind set to having love for humanity. Malitia Mali Mob is proud of their story and prides themselves on letting the music speak for itself.

We all got that preferred potion that brings us together with friends to toast and celebrate life. Malitia Malimob celebrates accomplishments with a toast of their signature mix, Mob Mix.

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