[Mixtape] The Black Squad – “Bad Boy Files” | @NickCannon

[Mixtape] The Black Squad – “Bad Boy Files” | @NickCannon

Wild N Out Cast aka The Black Squad’s Mixtape, “Bad Boy Files” takes on Bad Boy in the 90’s




The Black Squad released their new mixtape.  Bad Boy Files is hosted by Nick Cannon and features lyrical attackers Conceited, Charlie Clips and Hitman Holla. This mixtape has a few new exclusive records as well as remix’ of Bad Boy’s classic records including “Flava In Ya Ear,” “Mo Money Mo Problems” and “All About The Benjamins.”

This mixtape pays homage not only to the legacy and brand built by Diddy, but also to the culture of battle rap. A clever spin on the game, Cannon and crew use their time on the mic to go to war with words, rhyming every line with detail and quick-wit, which engages true fans of the respected art form. Sonically and lyrically aggressive, the Ncredible Records crew cohesively showcases an era in rap history when your punch line was your platform. The Black Squad derived from Cannon’s groundbreaking MTV show Wild ‘N Out where head-to-head comedic battling and comic improv, along with celebrity guest appearances, made it must-see TV.

Check out the official tracklist.

The Black Squad’s Bad Boy Files Tracklist

1. “All About The Benjamins”
2. “24 Hours To Live”
3. “Money, Power & Respect”
4. “Mo Money, Mo Problems”
5. “Flava In Ya Ear”
6. “Ncredible Thugs”
7. “Dead Wrong”
8. “Diddy Dum Dum”
9. “Take That”

Stream the mixtape above and be sure to drop us your thoughts in the comments section.

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