Move Aside Tunecore, ONErpm Provides New Benefit To Artists

ONErpm offers Free Distribution Services for Artists
Reduces barriers for artists and contributes to industry growth


ONErpm is a full-service, leading digital music distributor and YouTube MCN with 2,300 YouTube creators in its network. The company works with over 35,000 artists and labels worldwide, ranging from up-and-coming artists to established talent across all genres. They are dedicated to creating new tools and solutions to enable artists and YouTube creators to better navigate the constantly evolving digital landscape.

Leading digital music distributor and YouTube Multi-Channel Network, ONE Revolution People’s Music (ONErpm), have done away with all upfront costs for their global distribution platform. This will allow artists who own their content to have music published on major music platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube) for no cost.

This move was driven by the company’s mission to open doors for artists while supporting the change to streaming business models. Removing the cost barrier will provide more music to the consumer which will increase growth within the market. ONErpm is unique in its sector for providing marketing solutions that empower content owners to success and its platform serves as a powerful A&R tool to discover and promote promising talent.

ONErpm gives you the option to choose your pricing, give music away for free, select which stores and territories for your music distribution, and sell your music online directly to your fans on Facebook, your own website, and on their site too, it’s totally up to you!

“With free distribution ONErpm has completely shifted its focus to marketing artists and their releases to help them expand their audiences and poise them for long term success. ONErpm’s incentives are 100% aligned with our clients so that together with our content owners and our partner platforms we can build a stronger future for music” says CEO Emmanuel Zunz.



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