[MUSIC 101] Contact Music Executives Via Social Media The Proper Way

What is The Proper Way To Contact Music Executives Via Social Media?


The music game and social media are changing our lives on a daily basis. It seems as if our lives and the way we do things has been completely transformed- digitally, that is. Whether it’s writing a complaint, general information or even contacting your biggest idol, social media has made this an entirely new and much more accessible form of contact.

When you’re trying to contact someone through social media, you still have to remember a few key factors, especially when trying to get in touch with the bigwigs at a record label. If you follow this article, then you’ll find you’ll get a lot better response than when you forget any of these simple factors.

How do I get their attention?

Getting the attention of those at a record label isn’t an easy task. The best time never seems to be the right time when contacting them on social media. So, when the time comes to start trying, then you need to do it the right way. This process begins way before you start contacting the labels.

Most artists reach out to executives when the product is half-done. It is imperative that you – have the music written, recorded and polished up. You must have the photoshoots done and the albums printed. Making sure that all of your social media numbers match your pitch. You don’t want to be an R&B singer contacting a record label that specializes in EDM and Pop music. You’ll be another artist tossed in the “Not Interested” pile.

Most independent artists don’t take pride in their social media approach. The ones – that have mastered the game are ready to present their standalone EPK with pride.  Make sure that your EPK is detailed and not overbearing with too many fillers.

Please do not contact a record executive on social media if you are not following them and engaging with them on a consistent basis. Most artists follow and then immediately start spamming with links. This is a surefire way to get reported and blocked. Be cordial, introduce yourself and your purpose. This tactic will work because it is not the standard way of doing things amongst independent artists.

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