[MUSIC 101] Easy Tips For Getting Retweeted

Wondering why you’re not being retweeted after asking

What’s good TIPH!

Once again we’ve stumbled across another relevant topic to address. As you know, we support independent artists wholeheartedly. Every once in awhile, we come across artists that have this arrogance and thinks[ in their own little] heads that they are the shit!

First of all, if you are not signed:

Follow EVERYONE that follows you! That’s called “Building your Fanbase”. I mean think about it, “Who the hell are you?” ,“Why are we following you?”, YOU ARE NOT SIGNED OR FAMOUS….So, CUT THE BULLSHIT PUHLEEZE!!! If someone follows you, follow them back. That’s the respectful thing to do.

Well, Blah, Blah, Blah! Take a look at what our friends at Music Clout have to say about this:

Easy Tips For Getting a Retweet

If you’re using Twitter a channel for promoting your music, then you know the importance of getting retweeted. A retweet can extend the reach of your post exponentially and should be one of the main focuses when using Twitter to promote things going on in your music career.


Thankfully for your sanity, there have been hundreds of studies into just what kinds of post get retweeted the most. Here are 10 very easy tips and also some helpful information that will help you get your tweets retweeted as often as possible.


There are many things to consider when created a post to get potentially retweeted. You need to take into consideration the time of day your posting, what type of demographic you have as followers and many other little factors that are specific to your style of music. If your followers come alive at night, then make sure you’re posting tweets during that time to increase the chances of getting retweeted.


Below you’ll find 10 very easy to implement tips to help you get a retweet.


1. Ask questions.

2. Help your followers learn stuff.

3. Stop just tweeting about yourself.

4. Don’t tweet the same thing all day.

5. Post quotes or creative messages.

6. Include a link in your tweets no more than 50% of the time.

7. If you enjoyed a certain post, tweet that author and let them know.

8. Make sure you have a profile pic and not just the Twitter egg.

9. Share other people’s tweets often.

10. Make sure your followers are targeted to your demographic.

11. Complete your Profile[never assume that we know you’re an artist]

12. Update your [real] location

Whether you want to agree on it or not, Twitter is a very powerful tool.  By doing some or all of the above recommendations on a consistent basis you can see a big increase in your content getting retweeted.

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