[MUSIC 101] Five Spotify Playlists Hacks You Need To Know

[MUSIC 101] Five Spotify Playlists Hacks You Need To Know

Spotify Playlists prove to be a necessary tool for all Music Genres


Spotify playlists have become a ubiquitous part of the music industry, but as with so many programs, there’s more to it than what’s on the surface. Here we look at five less well known Spotify features that can help you get the most out of the platform, whether you’re a musician or just a listener.

Spotify Playlists

If you are reading this article, then chances are that you use Spotify! But are you getting the most out of it? We put together five hacks that you might not know about to help you utilize the streaming platform to the best of your ability. Did we miss any? Comment and let us know!

Here are five Spotify hacks you probably didn’t know about.

1. Spotify Folders

Do you have so many playlists that it’s hard to keep track of them? If so, you can organize them with Spotify Folders. You can break these down by genre, time period, mood, or any other category of your choice. Simply right-click on an existing playlist and select ‘Create Folder.’ Once you’ve created your folders, you can drag playlists into them, rename them and re-organize them.

2. Collaborative Playlists

Music is made for sharing, so why not do it?! You can create collaborative Spotify playlists with friends, loved ones, artists and more. To make a collaborative playlist, just right-click on the playlist of your choice and select ‘Collaborative Playlist.’ Then, just share it with the collaborators of your choice and get to sharing!


3. Daily Mix Playlists

You can only make so many playlists before you out-listen them, right? This is where Spotify’s Daily Mix playlists come in. These Spotify-generated playlists take what you are listening to and put what they think you’ll love into the perfect playlists for simple and easy listening. They create up to six different playlists for you tailored to a unique genre or theme. Find these on the sidebar under ‘Your Daily Mix.’

4. Podcasts

2018 is all about podcasts, and now Spotify offers them directly on their platform. Just go to the homepage (‘Browse’) and select ‘Podcasts.’ From there, you can search by categories, featured episodes and more. Categories range from Comedy to Educational to Music and more.

5. Release Radar + Discover Weekly

The Release Radar is Spotify’s best feature, sources say. This custom-tailored playlist puts together brand new releases from artists you listen to or follow. This playlist is updated weekly on Fridays, so you’ll never miss a thing. Alternatively, you can check out the Discover Weekly playlist every Monday for a mix of tunes you already listen to and music that Spotify thinks you’ll like. From my very own experience, it’s pretty spot-on as well. You can find both of these playlists under the ‘Discover’ tab, which lives on the ‘Browse’ homepage.

We hope you learned a little thing or to that can take your Spotify experience to the next level. Have fun and happy streaming!


SOURCE: Jeanette Kats of Symphonic Distribution

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