ArtistnamedLeon delivers long-awaited project, “Never Too Late”

After months of anticipation, artistnameleon’s debut EP, “Never Too Late”, is finally here! For this project, he collaborated with Sweden-based producer, Young Guavo, NY’s very own, Producer-Pvyso, and one of the hottest producers coming out of OKC, Ethancx.

Artistnameleon, formerly known as Apex Leon, is a singer/songwriter and recording artist born and raised in Valdosta, GA that has been living in NYC since 2014. Initially recognized as a rapper/hip-hop artist, he transitioned into r&b in 2015. He discovered his true passion wasn’t for writing bars, but instead melodies. With this hidden talent brought to the surface, he realized he had to create his own unique voice with a fresh approach that people could grasp onto.

New attitude meant a new name, and so, Artistnameleon was made known. The artistnameleon is delivering the perfect blend of 90s nostalgia, new age rap, and R&B. With this sound, he is currently taking the music industry by storm. He has a vision and is ready to share that vision with you all. So get ready, because this dude’s got a lot to say and this is only the beginning.

Artistnameleon operates independently and is not signed to any label. He is also an active member of ASCAP. “Never Too Late”, the eight-track EP features an eclectic mix of futuristic trap, 80’s synth music, new wave R&B, and an even a bit of pop. One thing is for certain, “Never Too Late” will do everything, but disappoint.

For more information, bookings, and general inquiries please contact artistnameleon@gmail.com.  Feel free to subscribe to the mailing list to receive updates on upcoming events, new music, insider exclusives and more. And make sure to follow him on Spotify, Deezer, or Tidal for new releases.






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