[MUSIC] Droop Lion – “Ideologies” | @drooplion_

[MUSIC] Droop Lion – “Ideologies” | @drooplion_

Droop Lion continues the journey with “Ideologies”

Journeyman, Droop Lion presents his newest 14 song album, Ideologies, a profoundly simple, yet rather eclectic mix which brilliantly explores and exposes multiple layers of musical genres including roots, rock, and reggae. With his signature powerhouse vocals and searingly honest delivery, DL once again easily compels fans to sit with him on this fascinating journey. Each song has its own distinctive flavor that evokes a response from the avid listener, whether it is a cool slow jam or a rollicking ‘pull up’. Sheer, undiluted passion is the common thread which easily connects all the songs on this destined-for-success set.

From the first song,  Have You Ever Seen The Rain, an awe-inspiring rendition of rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival’s 1970’s hit, to the inclusive Pray For Them, Droop Lion stays true to his musical ideology. Whether he is preaching militancy or lashing out against Babylon for raiding the barn or delivering a refreshing ode to the weed – this ganja man leaves no stones unturned and no questions unanswered.

Coming strong – as he always does – with fan favorite Freeway, which could not be excluded from this set, Droop Lion never misses a beat as he presents his intensely fascinating world view through music. Each song title tells a story, sometimes that story is straightforward, at other times it is stark social commentary, as in Leaders Sell Out, Modern Slavery, Rags To Riches; while others speak to an all-embracing love and compassion and the myriad of feelings in between.

This Rastaman breathes refreshing new life into “Ideologies”. It reminds us exactly why his own musical credentials remain so high. We look forward to more music from the Rastaman himself.

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