Houston Native, E. Bleu releases first single, “Tonight” from debut EP

Houston, Texas artist, E. Bleu is no stranger to the music industry. He signed his first deal at 16 years old and has been diligently working since. After 6 years of up-and-downs, signed and dropped deals, challenges and obstacles have allowed E Bleu to construct the most dynamic music he has ever created. Currently, Bleu has a good independently funded situation which has helped in releasing his debut EP “All Or Nothing” from which “Tonight” is the first single.


“I want people to know there’s someone in Houston making some noise. Respecting traditions,  yet innovating in the space.

                                                                                                            -E. Bleu


E. Bleu wants to make sure that he keeps putting out music for the tastemakers in the new age of the music industry. As an indie artist, it is important to keep good and long-lasting relationships. With that said, turn on all of your notification so that you will always be in tune with Bleu.

E. Bleu

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