[MUSIC] Eastside Boyz “GETTEM” | @eastsideboyzATL

[MUSIC] Eastside Boyz “GETTEM” | @eastsideboyzATL

Who are the Eastside Boyz?


 In 1996, the Eastside Boyz aka known as Big Sam and Lil Bo began their rise to fame when they released a song with “The King of Crunk” himself Lil Jon. The song “Who You Wit” was originally written by Big Sam back in 1993. The song blew up all over the Atlanta region and worldwide within the first year.

In 1997, the group signed with Mirror Image Records and then recorded their first official full album titled Who You Wit Get Crunk which in turn went gold. As the hype was building for the group they built a solid foundation for themselves and in 2001 Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz signed their first major/indie deal with TVT Records. The group remained on TVT Records from 2001-2005 which at this time managed to release 4 full albums. The albums Put Your Hood Up, King of Crunk, Part II, Crunk Juice achieved platinum status during that period. Also, they appeared in various TV shows such as Soul Plane and made an appearance in a movie in 2012 titled Recognize.


Making a Comeback


GETTEM Eastside Boyz


The Eastside Boyz minus  Lil Jon titled GETTEM was released in the spring of 2016 seems to be the spring anthem even in 2018. The single has over 264,000 streams and continuing to rise. The single has no sign of slowing down. With the high energy, this single is sure to get you on your feet. The single has also been used for an ATLANTA FALCONS highlight video that was surfaced on YOUTUBE. Guest features contain artists as Bonecrusher, Don P, and Lil LA from Trillville a legend with the crunk sound. You can find the single on all streaming sites including SPOTIFY and APPLE MUSIC.













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