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German and Nigerian Hip-Hop Collab, Eifelgangsta and LuGhz join forces via the Internet and releases single, “Life”


Eifelgangsta and LuGhz are a multinational Hip-Hop Collaboration as a German Producer and a Nigerian MC.  “Life”, the first single of their EP,  “These Streets” dropped on all Streaming Platforms. “Life” is a story of “John Biz” a friend of LuGhz, who got shot in a gang-related shooting and the consequences of his death. Please take a listen to the song, it’s pretty dope!





Eifelgangsta, known as Matthias Mueller (born 1977) from Germany. “Eifel” because of the name of the low mountain range in Germany where he comes from and “gangsta” because of … well, whatever. He’s creating music for nearly 25 years now. At the age of 17, he’s a singer and guitarist of the school’s punk band.  In his twenties, he is playing his first concerts and semi-professional steps as a Guitarist and Songwriter of the Underground alternative Rockband, “Stereo Soon.” After a few years of break, he decides to produce Hip-Hop music and Alternative Rock.




LuGhzLuGhz (pronounced Logz), known as Anyanwu Victor Chukwuemeka (Born 12th September 1986) better known by his stage name is a Hip-Hop emcee of Nigerian descent but spent most of his early life in London, UK. LuGhz fell in love with Hip-Hop back in 1994 after hearing Wu-Tang Clan’s song “M.E.T.H.O.D Man” off their debut album Enter The 36 Chambers. He would soon be drawn to the New York east coast hardcore boom bap sounds that inspired him when Nas released “Illmatic” and Biggie Smalls’ “Ready To Die” plus other classic Hip-Hop album of the East Coast. He also listened to Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and Scarface, Redman at the time.

In Fall of 1994, LuGhz wrote his first rap verse. It wasn’t written in bars because he didn’t know how to count bars then. In 1999, he recorded his first rap verse when his cousin Macho ‘Abdul Malik’ Kingsyz featured him on a song called “Black Thing” and would later go on to form a brief rap duo group ‘The Untouchables’ together. In 2006 he formed another rap group with E-Lord, a friend he had met in the University as first, ‘The Mob’ and then, as the ‘Renegades’ when they changed their name. In 2007, the group stopped recording releasing songs.

LuGhz has been recording and releasing songs since 2006 mostly solo materials and is currently working on his debut album, a mixtape, and EP and is currently working on a collaboration EP with Eifelgangsta whom he met on twitter this year.

While making a promo for his Beatstore on Twitter, Eifelgangsta became aware of LuGhz and offered him a track for non-profit use in early 2018. After receiving his feature, Eifelgangsta realized the potential of LuGhz’s lyrics and offered him a commercial collaboration on this track. They spoke a lot about Hip-Hop afterward, found out that they had similar ideas and finally decided to create a whole EP together. During this time, both of them felt this certain kind of chemistry, which is needed to create something special.


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