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DMV Recording Artist and Producer, HEYITSLUKA, releases steamy single, “Shaved”


Recording Artist/Producer HEYITSLUKA. This 21 year old, hailing from the DMV area (Maryland, USA), puts a refreshing new-positive twist on Hip-Hop/Rap+R&B. He brings us a track that is amazingly dirty but dope..but DIRTY. The track is titled “Shaved”, with production done by HEYITSLUKA himself.

The warm R&B melodies mixed with extremely forthright lyrics, relay a very vivid story about a sexual encounter with a girl. His approach to creating an empathetic record for all the “horny” listeners out there was executed with excellence.

“Art is about expressing your thoughts+feelings and relating to others.With that honesty is key and no one likes a watered down orange juice.” says HEYITSLUKA.

Additionally, this song is the full truth, nothing less and though many will not understand, “Shaved” will become a classic and the epitome of art. Go ahead and press play, let us know what you think about this track, “Shaved”.


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