[Music] Eliot Ness -“Juggin” Ft. DJ Scream | @eliotness5026

[Music] Eliot Ness -“Juggin” Ft. DJ Scream | @eliotness5026

Houston Hip-Hop Recording Artist, Eliot Ness unleashes

Debut Single, “Juggin” featuring DJ Scream & Deadend Redd


Hailing from Houston, TX, a city known most for its chopped and screwed approach to hip hop music, recording artist, producer and entrepreneur, Eliot “Hydro” Ness, is a surprising, fresh, and provocative new talent. Today, the Lone Star release his debut single featuring Deadend Redd and DJ Scream properly-titled, “Juggin”.

Eliot Ness aka “Hydro”  has released numerous mixtapes with industry heavyweights such as Paul Wall and Scarface, he has also been featured on projects with the legendary Wyclef Jean and has been featured on MTV and VH1. Now he follows up his previous successes with his hot new single “Juggin”. “Juggin” is now available on iTunes.

Eliot Ness is also, the younger brother of the infamous rapper and actress, “The Lady of Rage” of the Dogg Pound. This humble, young man is working his way to the top while building a legacy. He is currently learning to produce and engineer music, hoping to appeal to the “streets” with his unique sound. Eliot Ness has been working on his craft since high school and establishing his sound for a few years now. Like all the great ones, the “growing pains” of life, caused a delay in his release; but as we live and learn it’s realized that a “slow cook” makes for good seasoning, and the dish reveals the best flavor when you indulge.

No one wants to hear from an artist without a story to tell.While hailing from a city known for his signature chopped and screwed style, Ness focus on the creative wordplay that will hustle him to the top. Can the Lone Star arise to the top? Hit the play above and find out.


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