Cleveland, OH rap sensation Joey La Flair teams up with Ray Jr. on his new single, “New Money”

Everybody loves the story of the underdog -who turns nothing into something with nothing – but his wit and own blood, sweat and tears. When every dime is earned from getting your own hands dirty, respect is given to the grind. Cleveland, OH rap sensation Joey La Flair is the epitome of that Tony Montana mentality. This dynamic and energetic young gunner is about to rocket to stardom!

With the rise of Ohio-bred artists making their mark n the music industry, it was without a doubt that artist and producer Joey La Flair would get his piece of the pie. Being compared to big names in the game, you would think that an artist would feel a sense of entitlement to live up to those expectations placed upon them, however, Joey La Flair is taking his bangers and creating a lane of his own.

There is nothing like someone who has lived your story and this Ohio native’s resilience has become a beacon of hope for thousands of kids across America. Penning rhymes about everything out of his life, Joey La Flair has become a symbol of relentless perseverance for his fans and the talented emcee is about to begin the next chapter of his already successful career.

Joey LaFlair is making waves


Heavily influenced by Lil Wayne, Joey La Flair soon developed a reputation for delivering his own jaw-dropping freestyles. He is known for creating steamy hot tracks that rock every club and street related back-to-back block burning singles.

Describing his style and sound as rough and hardcore, Joey La Flair also releases laid back tracks to the masses. He continues to show many facets of his music. Innovation and freshness are things he aims for. He has found his audience, and it’s a lot wider than he could have imagined.

Joey La Flair has all the ingredients needed to become a household name in the rap game. Make no mistake to overlook this young gunner, as he is on his way to stardom. LaFlair is a breath of fresh air in the oversaturated urban music market. His sound and style refresh the spirits of Hip-Hop in a way rarely seen. Offering something for everyone and every mood, his music is the perfect soundtrack to your life.

With a staunch at simply making good music, Joey La Flair is sure everyone of all ages will relate and love his sound. His diversity and marketability has already drawn in the music industry veterans and music fans alike and is growing exponentially.


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