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Hip-Hop artist, Joyner Lucas releases his controversial debut single, “I’m Not Racist”

Many rappers have gone to the extent to bring up real world and social issues. Currently, there’s a lot of talk about Joyner Lucas. Joyner Lucas hit the nail on the head with his latest single “I’m Not Racist”. This single is sure one to make you think about the kind of world that we live in. The visuals that come to mind bring nothing but truth and really speaks to everyone. The social injustice of today’s world is really brought to light and in the eyes of not just one race but two sides.

Joyner Lucas

The controversy that this record brings is unbelievable. The song starts out with the perception of a white man stating his views on the black race and ends with an open mind stating, “There are two sides to every story and I wish that I knew yours”. The second verse comes in from the black man’s perspective on the issue and the states his side as abrupt as can be towards his audience. The song concludes with the words “There are two sides to every story and now you know mine”. Once the verse concludes, the two men in the video hugged it out to show their understanding where they stand on the issue.

Many songs speak to you and make you relate in some form or fashion, but this one speaks to the majority of hip-hop listeners because it brings what hip-hop is meant to bring a message. A message of unfair justice, and inequality. What affect does this song have on the world? The lyrics themselves could make a difference in society, it’s just people must listen to the lyrics to understand where to take it from here. Joyner really made an impact on the culture with this record. It truly states the injustice that we hear about every day in our society. What makes it different is you can now witness it from both sides of the spectrum.







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