Detroit Rapper, Keon is blazing the internet with his

latest single, “Rollin Wit Yo Chick”


Detroit Rapper, Keon is taking over the airwave with his single “Rollin Wit Yo Chick”. RWYC is his latest and it was produced by Euro$ Beats.

Keon Anderson, aka “Keon” is a Detroit born rapper and songwriter.  Keon graduated from Grosse Pointe North High School and currently attends Grand Valley State University, studying mechanical engineering. It was there in college, He manifested his love for rap music. He was always into music and knew he had an ear for it and last year he decided to go for it.

Growing up he was inspired by Biggie because he was such a versatile rapper. Biggie could make lyrically hype tracks while using his smooth flowing ability, “stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart is in it, and live the phrase, sky’s the limit” (Biggie Smalls) pretty much what Keon is aiming to do. Newer rappers that inspire him are artists like Future, Meek Mills, and Kendrick Lamar.

When Keon officially enters the rap game, he wants to offer fans all types of music. This includes; making feel good music, club bangers, and real life experience tracks. He also wants to touch the youth in a diverse way, showing them that you can do whatever they dream of.

“Never stop reaching for your dreams, and most importantly, put them into effect. “Build your own pyramids, write your own hieroglyphs” (Kendrick Lamar).

While Keon is good at writing songs on his laptop, his manager introduced him to producers – who familiarized him to the art of mixing hits. Being able to see his thoughts profoundly came to light through music. This encouraged Keon to began working even harder on his rap career. He created new songs such as “Let me know” and “Grindin”. Grindin shows off his ability where he metaphorically compares “stomping hard on you” to “church folks catching the Holy Ghost”.

Through his music, he would like to give his fans tracks to party to but also hit them with wisdom. His message lets them know that; success is not measured by money and fame, but by hard work and integrity.  Keon plans on continuing his education while pursuing his rap career. He believes education is very important and does not want to quit school. He believes today’s youth has the ability to open up so many doors, but having a college degree gives them the skills and knowledge to walk through the open doors,


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